Methadone Clinics in North Hollywood

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Western Pacific Med Corp Western Pacific North Hollywood Med11321 Camarillo Street, North Hollywood, CA 91602(818) 506-4455

Rules and Regulations

North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California adheres to strict federal and state regulations regarding methadone clinics, outlined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the California Department of Health Care Services.

Certification Procedures

  • Clinics must be certified by SAMHSA and licensed by the state
  • Staff must meet educational and licensing requirements
  • Regular facility inspections are conducted

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • Methadone and other medications reduce opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Facilitates recovery by allowing patients to focus on counseling and skills-building
  • Significantly decreases the risk of overdose and relapse

How Clinics Operate and Their Purpose

  • Provide methadone doses daily for opioid addiction treatment
  • Offer counseling, medical exams, lab tests, case management
  • The goal is to help patients recover and live healthy, productive lives

Insurance Coverage

Many clinics accept Medicaid and private insurance. Some clinics offer treatment at little to no cost for those without insurance.

Details vary by plan. Many plans cover part or all medication and treatment costs. Some have copay or limitations on the duration of treatment. Clinics can advise patients on coverage details for their specific insurance plan.

Drug Use in North Hollywood

  • In 2017, over 70,200 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States
  • Opioids were involved in 67.8% of drug overdose deaths in 2018

Addiction Treatment Overview

Inpatient Treatment

  • Average stay 30 days
  • Detoxification, counseling, medical care

Outpatient Treatment

  • 1-5 visits per week
  • Counseling, therapy, peer support groups

Treatment Level Unreported

An estimated 40.3% received treatment from a specialty facility in 2018

Comparison of Treatment in North Hollywood vs. Neighboring Cities

CategoryNorth HollywoodBurbankGlendale
Treatment Facilities14812
Inpatient Beds12467105
Cost of Treatment$15,000$12,800$14,300

Methadone Treatment

What is Methadone

Methadone is an opioid medication used in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, also known as opioid treatment programs (OTPs), to treat opioid use disorder. It works by activating opioid receptors in the brain, preventing painful withdrawal symptoms, and reducing drug cravings without inducing a euphoric high.

Mechanism as Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • Activates opioid receptors enough to prevent withdrawal and reduce cravings
  • Administered orally once daily in liquid form
  • Allows normalization of brain function disrupted by illicit opioid misuse over time
  • Enables patients to focus on counseling, recovery, and lifestyle changes

Societal Perspectives

  • Controversial due to its opioid properties and misuse potential
  • Stigma exists but education helps change perspectives
  • Considered lifesaving treatment by medical experts when properly managed

In Layman’s Terms

Methadone tricks the brain into thinking it’s still getting the problem opioid to prevent the pain of withdrawal while slowly restoring normal brain function. It’s strictly regulated to prevent misuse.

Methadone Distribution

OTPs providing methadone must follow Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations on dispensing and monitoring to prevent misuse and diversion. These include:

Urine Testing

Methadone maintenance patients must undergo at least eight random urine tests for illicit drugs and methadone metabolites in the first year of treatment. Additional tests can be required as needed to detect any continued opioid or other drug use during treatment.

Take-Home Requirements

During the first 14 days of treatment, the take-home supply of methadone is limited to a 24-hour single dose. Over time and with evidence of progress and stability from urine tests and program compliance, additional take-home doses may then be permitted.


Methadone treatment programs should have an interprofessional team including physicians, nurses, counselors, and behavioral health specialists to assess patient progress and provide comprehensive care.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Clinicians should review state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data to carefully cross-reference any concurrent opioid prescriptions, other substances, or dosing that could interact with methadone’s narrow therapeutic window and increased risk for over-sedation and respiratory depression.

In California, methadone is a Schedule II controlled prescription substance closely regulated to prevent misuse while ensuring access only through licensed OTPs for patients with an opioid use disorder.

Methadone Treatment Effectiveness

Methadone has been used to effectively treat opioid addiction since 1947.

Evidence for Effectiveness

Studies show methadone MAT:

  • Reduces opioid-positive drug tests by 33%
  • Improves treatment retention – patients 4.44X more likely to stay in treatment
  • Lowers overdose death risk
  • Reduces disease transmission
  • Increases employment opportunities

Major Drawbacks

  • Potential for misuse and diversion
  • Severe withdrawal if stopped suddenly
  • Possibility of QTc prolongation/cardiac issues
  • Respiratory depression/overdose risk when combined with other substances

Comparison to Other Medications

Equally effective as buprenorphine for reducing illicit opioid use.
Methadone is an effective treatment for opioid addiction but has risks requiring careful management.

About North Hollywood

Location, County & List of Neighboring States

North Hollywood is located in Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California. It borders the following areas:

  • Valley Village
  • Sun Valley
  • Burbank

Capital and Largest City

The capital and largest cities in California are Sacramento and Los Angeles, respectively.

Land Area

The land area of North Hollywood is approximately 5.7 square miles.


North Hollywood has access to major freeways, transportation hubs, and the Metro Red Line subway system. Key infrastructure includes:

  • Major streets and intersections
  • North Hollywood Metro Station
  • Parks and recreation centers

Population Statistics

Total Population

The population of North Hollywood is estimated at 63,394 as of 2019.



  • Male: 50.5%
  • Female: 49.5%

Age Brackets

  • Under 18 years: 21.3%
  • 18 to 64 years: 69.4%
  • 65 years and over: 9.3%


The top occupations in North Hollywood are:

  • Office and administrative support
  • Food preparation and serving
  • Sales