Does Methadone Maintenance Get You High and What Is It Used For?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid. It is widely used in medicine for pain relief and the treatment of various “severe” addictions as a replacement therapy. Methadone is included in medical programs all over the world.

On the one hand, it could be an extremely potent medication, but on the other hand, uncontrolled use leads to abuse and addiction. In this article, we will clarify what methadone is and what it is for, do you get high on methadone during MAT, and the line between dangerous drugs and lifesaving treatment.

Methadone and it's high effect

Why is Methadone Used for Drug Addicts?

Methadone was synthesized in 1937 as a painkiller. In the 1960s, it was first used for a medicaid program to help patients with heroin addiction. In March 2005, methadone was added as a “complimentary” medicine to the 14th Model List of Essential Medicines (LEM) released by the WHO.

Methadone is now the most commonly prescribed medication for medical-assessment treatment (MAT). Its goal is to treat opioid addiction and reduce the risks caused by injections — the spread of HIV, hepatitis, and other infections. It is based on the principle of replacing narcotic substances with legal opiate agonists.

How Opioids Affect Your Brain During Abuse and Treatment

Abuse Stage

When a person uses an opioid for the first time, receptors in the brain are activated, increasing dopamine levels and creating a euphoric effect for some time. The natural response is a desire to repeat the experience.

However, if substance abuse is continued, the brain begins to adapt. It becomes accustomed to the drug’s influence, requiring more of it to achieve the same effect. It leads to symptoms of methadone overdose.

Finally, the brain changes so drastically that a person can’t feel normal without the drug. This process is called neuroadaptation and can occur in just a few weeks. It leads to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if the drug addict doesn’t get a regular portion of the drugs. When a person goes through opioid withdrawal, multiple brain circuits “overload,” which leads to pain and suffering.

What is Methadone Used For? Treatment Stage

Methadone targets the same brain receptors that were altered by severe opioid addiction. It helps to restore normal brain function. Occupying these receptors, methadone prevents the severe withdrawal symptoms, which are the main problem for drug addicts.

Legal and Illegal Methadone

Unlike taking illegal opiates, methadone in rehab is free of toxic impurities. They often cause dangerous diseases such as encephalopathy, toxic degeneration of the liver and kidneys, hematopoietic disorders, and others.

Since methadone is taken orally, it prevents unsterile injections. There is also no risk of overdosing since the dosage is controlled by doctors.

Methadone, which is taken illegally, produces strong and prolonged effects. After consuming methadone in rehab, patients sometimes feel light euphoria, but only a few times when the dose has not been compiled yet.

What’s a Methadone Clinic?

In the United States, people who suffer from substance abuse can find help in a wide network of rehabs. So how does methadone treatment work?

Under the supervision of a specialist, patients can get medical support based on the replacement of very harmful narcotic substances (for example, heroin) with purified opioids such as methadone.

The patient is getting a prescription for microdoses of methadone, which helps to overcome withdrawal symptoms, drug intoxication, and addiction. In addition, it is prescribed in one amount per course, without an increase being required.

What opioid treatment gives to drug addicts:
What does opioid treatment do for drug addicts:

  • stops the destructive effects of hard drugs
  • a way back to the right social environment
  • chance to lead a normal life

Of course, there are some side effects of long term methadone use as well.

Final Thoughts

Remember that methadone consumption without a doctor’s careful observation is unacceptable. Professional treatment and supervision are crucial in your struggle with addiction. Make the next step by contacting a methodone clinic near me and getting an expert consultation.