Street Names for Drugs — Slangs and What Do They Mean?

Today, for a parent it’s crucial to be aware of the drug slang since substance abuse among teens is rising at an alarming rate. If you don’t know what is the drug called blues, you will be oblivious to the potential risks involving your loved ones even if they are talking about drugs right in front of you.

According to the Drug Addiction Statistics, around 50 percent of teenagers abuse drugs. Realizing that your loved one is referring to cocaine by using the slang “blow” or “smart pills” for prescription drugs can reduce the level of harm and immediately get them the help they need for a better life.

Moreover, for early intervention understanding some signs, for example, methadone warning signs that involve slowed breathing, drowsiness, etc. can prove to be vital.

Recognizing commercial names of drugs expands understanding, makes communication easier, helps explore treatment options, and allows for prompt interventions.

Street Names for Drugs

Common 2024’s Slang Words for Different Drugs

Prescription Medications or Cap Slang

Most prescription medications used for drug abuse come in capsule form and are painkillers for managing chronic pain. Some of them are also used for drug abuse treatment to cope with withdrawal symptoms. For example, to prevent the effects of opioids and alcohol doctors prescribe Naltrexone which lowers the possibility of future relapse.

DrugsStreet Names
Cough & Cold MedicineDM, Lean, Purple Drank, Sizzurp, Dex, DMX, Vitamin D, barre, Bo, Purple, Jelly, Sip-Sip, Texas Tea
XanaxBars, Football, Benzos, Xannies, Handlebars, Z-bars
AdderallAddys, A-Bomb, Amps, Bennies, Addies, Co-Pilots, Study Buddies, Ralls, The A-train, Smart Pills, Blue Pill Adderall
LorazepamA’s, Ativan, A-teams
ClonazepamPinz, K-pins, Pins

Benzodiazepines Street Names

Due to their calming and sedative effect these psychoactive drugs are commonly misused. Benzos overdose creates a short-lived euphoria resulting in addiction and dependency. Some common benzodiazepines are Klonopin pill, Xanax, and diazepam (Valium’s generic name).

DrugsStreet Names
AtivanCandy, White Girls, Downers, Planks, Sleeping Pills, Yellow Boys, Tranks
ValiumEggs, Benzos, Jellies, Bicycle Parts, Moggies, School Bus, Vallies
RohypnolRoofies, Mind Eraser, Date Rape Drugs, La Rocha, Forget-Me Pill, Lunch Money
KlonopinK-Pin, Pin, Super Valium, K

Street Names for Opioids

Opioids create a sense of euphoria and reduce pain when our brain’s opioid receptors are hit with it which in turn may result in addiction.

DrugsStreet Names
MorphineM, Dreamer, White Stuff, Miss Emma, First Line, Mister Blue, Morf, Vitamin M, God’s Drug, Monkey, Morpho, Unkie
OxycodoneOxycet, Oxycotten, Hillbilly Heroin, Oxy, Kickers, O.C., Percs, Greenies, Cotton, Ox, Ercs, Pills, Bananas, Roxies
FentanylTango and Cash, Dance Fever, Goodfella, Murder 8, Apache, Jackpot, Friend, China Girl
CodeineCody, Schoolboy, Little C
HydrocodoneVic, Vike, Hydros, Watson-387, V-itamin, Fluff
HeroinH, Dope, Smack, Horse, Brown Sugar, White Horse, Skag, Skunk, China White, Junk
MeperidinePain killer, Demmies

Illicit Drugs Street Names

Manufacturing, distribution, and possession of these drugs are illegal as they can distort our perception by changing brain function. They impair our judgement and long-term consumption can lead to mental and physical issues.

DrugsStreet Names
Cocaine Street NamesCoca, Colombia, Coke, Blow, Powder, Snow, Stardust, Candy, Charlie, Aunt Nora, Big C, White Girl, Crack, Rail, Big Rush, Batman, Pearl, Stash
MethamphetamineIce Meth, Chalk, Meth, Scooby Snacks, Crystal, Cookie, Pookie, Crystal Meth, White Cross, Crack drug
LSDYellow Sunshine, Acid, Looney Toons, Tabs
HeroinJunk, Black Pearl, Brown Crystal, Brown Sugar, China White, Dope, Brown Rhine, Dragon, Brown Tape, The Dragon, He, Horse, Mud, Smack drug
MDMASmartees, Candy, Adam, Clarity, Dancing Shoes, E-Bomb, E, Disco Biscuits, Egg Rolls, Happy Pills, Peace, The Vowel, Vitamin X, Beans
Black Tar HeroinMexican Tar, Mexican Black Tar Heroin, Chiva
Crack CocaineYay, Dice, Hail, Moon Rocks, Sugar Block, Trash, Nuggets, Trey, Tornado, Sleet, Grit, Garbage, Crack, Yam
Names for WeedHash, Grass, 420, Broccoli, Cheeba, Dope, Ganja, Green, Herb, Hot Stick, Jane, Jay, Jolly Green, Roach, Reefer, Smoke, Weed, Trees, Bud, Chronic, Pot, Mary Jane
Cocaine with HeroinSpeedball

Street Names for Hallucinogens

These too alter our cognitive functioning by obstructing neurotransmitter systems which results in intense emotions and hallucinations.

DrugsStreet Names
GHBG, Georgia Home Boy, Liquid E, Geeb,
AyahuascaAya, Yagé, Hoasca,
MushroomsTweezes, shrooms, pizza toppings, magic mushrooms, boomers, caps
DMTThe Rogan, Dimitri, The Spirit Molecule
PCPYellow Fever, Rocket Fuel, Dust, Angel Dust, Angel, Purple Rain, Stardust, Water, Zombie
Salvia DivinorumMagic Mint, Sally-D, Diviner’s Sage, Maria Pastora,

Slang Names for Synthetic Drugs

To escape legal restrictions, manufacturers create some substances that produce the same effect as illegal drugs.

DrugsStreet Names
Synthetic OpioidsU-47700, Fentanyl, Drop Dead
Synthetic CannabinoidsBlack Mamba, Spice, K2
Synthetic CathinonesBath Salts, Lunar Wave, Gravel, White Rush, Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Bloom, Vanilla Sky, Scarface, Blue Silk, Ocean Burst, Flakka
Synthetic StimulantsMDPV, Methamphetamine analogs, N-Bomb

Slang for Weed

Marijuana is immensely popular among adults and with the growing legalization of weed, the demand has skyrocketed in a short time.

DrugsStreet Names
Synthetic CannabinoidsBliss, Spice, Joker, Black Mamba, Yucatan Fire, Genie, Skunk, Bombay Blue, Black Mamba, Joker, Kush, Solar Flare, Kronic
Weed NamesHash, Grass, 420, Broccoli, Cheeba, Dope, Ganja, Green, Herb, Hot Stick, Jane, Jolly Green, Roach, Reefer, Smoke, Weed, Trees, Bud, Chronic, Pot, Mary Jane

Inhalant Drugs Street Names

Household items (glue, volatile solvents, adhesives) when inhaled can create intoxicating effects. These items are then abused as inhalant drugs.

DrugsStreet names
Nitrous OxideLaughing Gas, Whippets, Sweet Air, N2O, Hippy Crack, Whippies
Amyl NitritePoppers, Aimies, and Whiteout
Isobutyl NitriteWhiteout, Poppers, Bolt, Bullet, and Quicksilver

Street Names of Sleeping Pills

People abuse these pills because of their sedative effects.

DrugsStreet Names
LunestaS-oma, Zapples, lunatics.
PhenobarbitalDowners, Barbs, and Purple Hearts
SecobarbitalBlockbusters, Red Devils, and Reds
DiphenhydramineDPH, Dip
Ambien Sleep easy, A-minus, Zombie pills

Over-the-Counter Medications Slang

The reason behind OTC abuse is its psychoactive effects. Some commonly abused OTC drugs include:

  • Pseudoephedrine: Pseudos and Sudafed
  • DXM: Dex, Robo, Tussin, Triple C, Velvet, Skittles, Poor Man’s PCP, DXM
  • Loperamide: lope
  • Diphenhydramine: DPH, Benadryl

Club Drugs Street Names

These drugs are common in Raves, nightclubs, and parties. The psychoactive substances intensify your clubbing experience.

  1. PCP: Embalming Fluid, Hog, Peace Pill, Rocket Fuel, And Angel Dust
  2. Ecstasy: Adam, Molly, Rolls, Scooby Snacks, Love Drug, Hug Drug, E, X, XTC, and Beans
  3. Cocaine: Coke, Charlie, White, Blow, Snow, Yayo, and Nose Candy.

Final Words

To create awareness and treat addiction, we must keep up with the changing language of drugs. Understanding the street drug slang meanings will facilitate in articulating non-judgmental dialogues when it comes to addiction and drug abuse and its health effects.

It will assist us in offering much-needed support and rehabilitation opportunities for our friends and family.

Hopefully, this article will work as a drug slang translator. You will be able to help your loved one and guide them to seek help from clinics so that they can get the right help in their addiction situation.