What We Do

Our Mission

The mission of methadone.org is to empower individuals and families struggling with opioid addiction by providing comprehensive resources and equipping communities to compassionately respond to this epidemic. We aim to be a beacon of hope, helping guide people into treatment and recovery.

Our Goals

  • Reduce deaths from opioid overdose through education and expanding access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Improve outcomes and quality of life for those with opioid use disorder through evidence-based treatment approaches
  • Provide accurate, up-to-date resources to assist those seeking treatment options in their local area
  • Connect patients and families to peer support networks to supplement professional treatment
  • Promote compassionate understanding and reduce stigma around MAT and opioid addiction

Treatment & Medication Guides

On our site, you can access in-depth information on medications used in opioid addiction and withdrawal treatment, like methadone, buprenorphine (Suboxone), and others. We outline how these medications work, key facts and statistics, first-hand patient perspectives, and questions. We also provide guides on evidence-based behavioral therapies and counseling options utilized alongside or after MAT.

Treatment Center Locator

Our searchable database includes listings of licensed methadone clinics, methadone doctors, residential rehabs, sober living facilities, and other accredited treatment centers across the United States. Listings provide key details like location, contact info, services offered, payment options/insurance accepted, treatment approach and more.

Support Group Meeting Finder

Using our support group meeting locator, anyone can search for AA, NA, or other peer support meetings by state and city/town. Listings include days, times, and locations available. Users can filter by meeting type (open, closed, etc.) This allows people to find in-person support in early recovery or while transitioning off MAT.

Our Promise

We promise to remain transparent about our treatment guidance, ethical in our business practices, and committed to displaying accurate, evidence-based resources to those seeking help for opioid addiction nationwide.