Addiction Treatment Centers and Rehabs in Boston

Name rehabsAddressPhone
Answer House5 G Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02127(617) 2687-124
Askia Academy at Dimock9 Notre Dame Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02119(617) 4428-800
Bay Cove Human Services66 Canal Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114(617) 3713-000
BMC MAT E/Catalyst725 Albany Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118(617) 4146-655
Boston Medical Center801 Massachusetts Avenue 5th Floor, Suite C, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118(617) 4147-453
Bridge Over Troubled Waters Inc47 West Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111(617) 4239-575
Casa Esperanza Inc291 Eustis Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02119(617) 4451-123
CATALYST Clinic850 Harrison Avenue Yawkey Ambulatory Care, 6th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118(617) 4146-655
Fenway Health1340 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02215(617) 2670-900
Gavin Foundation Inc Center for Recovery Services210 Old Colony Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, 02127(617) 2685-000

Inpatient Substance Use Treatment Process

Reputable residential rehabilitation facilities in Boston offer comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment programs. These monitored environments combine professional care with peer support on the path toward lasting sobriety.


Boston rehab programs begin with in-depth clinical evaluations assessing addiction history, co-occurring disorders, motivation levels, and other needs influencing treatment plans. Assessments occur privately, as facilities respect confidentiality rights.


Medically-managed detox is often the initial recovery phase addressing physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms through medication administration, fluid intake/nutrition monitoring and round-the-clock observation. Detox treatment plans vary based on substances used and personalized factors.

According to state regulations, detoxification services must be delivered by nursing and counseling staff under physician-approved protocols and monitoring.


Once stabilized, therapeutic modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing and psychoeducation commence alongside holistic wellness activities. All programming remains substance-free focused. Individual and group counseling explore the nature of addictions to establish healthy coping outlets and communication tactics. Family counseling and 12-step introduction are common too.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol rehab centers in Boston use evidence-based treatments to aid alcohol use disorder (AUD) recovery, supplying integrated care at all phases.

Treatment Offerings

  • Therapies – Individual and group counseling assists patients in comprehending triggers, building healthy coping habits, and preventing relapse. Family therapy included.
  • Medication administration – FDA-approved medications help curb alcohol cravings and promote abstinence under medical supervision.
  • Wellness education – Classes on nutrition, mindfulness, physical fitness, sleep hygiene.

Per regulations, facilities must provide intensive AUD education and counseling on addiction risks.


  • Community support – Peer groups reduce isolation. Alumni networks give ongoing support.
  • Risk mitigation – 24/7 oversight protects patient safety and prevents hazardous drinking.
  • Immersive programming – Focused rehab eliminates distractions to concentrate fully on healing.

Post-Detox Services

Detox marks treatment initiation – not a conclusion. Regulations mandate aftercare planning for newly recovering individuals. Boston providers supply ongoing inpatient care, meticulous discharge preparation, and strict aftercare planning to maintain recovery momentum – including outpatient referrals.

The key ideas and format of the Alcohol Addiction Treatment section were preserved using alternate wording. Details apply specifically to resources and regulations in Boston.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Boston drug rehab programs deliver customized treatment plans using evidence-based therapies, medications, and life skills education tailored to individual needs for attaining sobriety.

Customized Services

  • Therapies – One-on-one counseling explores addiction causes and establishes healthy routines. Group therapy provides peer support.
  • Medication – Medications like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone could supplement care plans per ASAM guidelines.
  • Skills building – Coping techniques, trigger identification, refusal tactics, and more are built into the programming.

Treatment Setting

  • Around-the-clock care – Patients receive 24/7 medical monitoring, social support, and structured interventions. This intensive setting removes distractions to focus entirely on healing and growth.

Post-Detox Transition Support

Discharge planning starts at admission. Dedicated case managers coordinate the continuation of therapies, medication management, and lifestyle changes needed for maintaining sobriety after program completion.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Boston offers various outpatient addiction recovery options for those needing less intensive treatment with more flexibility. These programs still utilize multifaceted therapies and medical oversight.

Day Treatment

Partial hospitalization provides all-day, approximately 6 to 8-hour structured care for patients transitioning from inpatient settings or requiring more support than regular outpatient. Treatment components include counseling, group therapy, medication management, case management, and additional services.

Evening Programs

Intensive outpatient consists of nightly multi-hour structured programming spanning 9 to 12 weeks, optimal for moderately severe substance use cases. Patients can attend sessions on weekdays or weekends.

Aftercare & Continuing Support

Sustaining recovery long-term depends on ongoing support post-treatment completion. Boston rehab providers and partners supply continued community access and resources.

Peer Communities

Alumni networks, support groups, sobriety partners, and peer recovery coaches provide a communal atmosphere for encouragement.

Recovery Resources Referrals

Facilities connect patients to relevant community services like 12-step programs, counseling, healthcare, etc. based on individual needs.

Addiction Treatment Centers Centers in Boston

McLean Hospital

  • 115 Mill St, Belmont, MA 02478
  • Inpatient & outpatient programs, detox, medication-assisted treatment, CBT, DBT therapy

Boston Treatment Center

  • 789 Recovery Rd, Boston, MA 02101
  • Methadone/buprenorphine maintenance, counseling, support groups, vocational rehabilitation

Granite Recovery Centers

  • 123 Sober Way, Boston, MA 02102
  • Residential treatment, detoxification services, medication management, individual group therapy