Addiction Treatment Centers and Rehabs in Denver

Name rehabsAddressPhone
1St Priority Institute For Better Living420 East 58th Avenue Suite 128A-2, Denver, Colorado, 80216(720) 7088-396
Adams Community Mental Health Center - Administrative Office11285 Highline Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80233(303) 8533-500
All Seasons Counseling LLC363 South Harlan Street Suite 203, Denver, Colorado, 80226(303) 9278-582
AspenRidge Recovery7500 West Mississippi Avenue Suite 200, Denver, Colorado, 80226(303) 9555-599
AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood10155 West Kentucky Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80226(303) 9555-599
Cadrec3315 Gilpin Street, Denver, Colorado, 80205(303) 2952-521
Center for Change LLC1701 Kipling Street Suite 102, Denver, Colorado, 80215(303) 2744-200
Center for Recovery Inc2121 South Oneida Street Suite 336, Denver, Colorado, 80237(303) 6947-492
Choices in Living4651 Tulsa Court, Denver, Colorado, 80239(720) 4218-919
Colorado Addictions Consulting CA Consulting1978 South Garrison Street Suite 110, Denver, Colorado, 80227(720) 3796-590

Inpatient Substance Use Treatment Process

Residential rehab facilities in Denver offer comprehensive inpatient treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. These facilities provide 24/7 support and supervision in a structured, substance-free living environment.


Inpatient addiction treatment in Denver typically starts with a thorough evaluation and intake assessment, which is done confidentially. This initial assessment gauges the patient’s substance use history, physical and mental health status, and other needs to determine the best course of treatment.


Medically-supervised detox, tailored to the substance(s) of use, is generally the first stage once entering treatment. Trained physicians and nurses monitor patients around the clock to safely manage detox symptoms and withdrawal. Certain medications can be administered on a case-by-case basis to alleviate detox side effects.


Various therapeutic modalities commence during detox and continue throughout the treatment stay. This typically includes individual and group counseling/therapy sessions focused on the roots of addiction, establishing healthy routines, building life skills, processing trauma and emotions, and relapse prevention planning. Family counseling sessions are often incorporated as well to mend damaged relationships. Recreational activities, support groups, community meetings, and educational programming also augment treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol rehab facilities in Denver utilize research-backed treatment components to promote recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD). Comprehensive, integrated care is provided through all stages.

Treatment Supports

  • Behavioral therapies – Individual and group counseling help patients understand triggers, build healthy coping strategies, and prevent relapse. Family counseling also offered.
  • Medication management – FDA-approved medications can assist with alcohol cravings and support abstinence. Carefully managed by medical staff.
  • Wellness education – Classes on nutrition, mindfulness practices, importance of physical activity, sleep hygiene assistance.


  • Social support – Peer communities decrease isolation. Alumni networks offer continued encouragement.
  • Risk reduction – 24/7 medical oversight ensures patient safety and prevents dangerous drinking levels.
  • Intensive treatment – Focused rehab removes distractions and fully concentrates on recovery.

Care Post-Detox & Discharge Planning

Detox marks the beginning – not the end – of treatment. Denver rehab facilities provide continued inpatient care, followed by meticulous discharge preparation and strict aftercare planning to solidify recovery momentum and reduce relapse odds – including outpatient services referrals.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab programs in Denver provide customized treatment plans to meet each individual’s needs for attaining sobriety from substance use disorders. Holistic, evidence-based therapies, medication protocols, and newly learned life skills promote ongoing recovery.

Customized Services

  • Therapies – One-on-one counseling explores addiction causes, and establishes healthy routines and communication tactics. Group therapy offers peer empathy.
  • Medication – Medications like methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone could supplement care plans to curb cravings and prevent relapse.
  • Skills building – Coping techniques, trigger identification, refusal skills, and more are built through cognitive behavioral approaches embedded in programming.

Treatment Setting

  • Around-the-clock care – Patients receive 24/7 medical monitoring, social support and structured interventions. This intensive setting removes distractions to focus entirely on healing and personal growth.

Post-Detox Transition Support

Dedicated case workers coordinate the continuation of therapeutic techniques, medication management guidance if applicable, and lifestyle modifications needed for maintaining sobriety after program completion. Connection with outpatient services or community resources occurs as well.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Denver has various outpatient addiction recovery options for those needing less intensive treatment with more flexibility. These programs still utilize multifaceted therapies and medical oversight.

Day Treatment

  • Partial hospitalization – All-day (approx. 6-8 hours) structured care for individuals stepping down from or needing more than standard outpatient. Includes counseling, groups, medication management, case management, and more.

Evening Programs

  • Intensive outpatient – Nightly multi-hour structured programming for 9-12 weeks, ideal for moderately severe cases. Sessions are available on weekdays or weekends.

Aftercare & Continuing Support

Long-term recovery depends on sustained support and services after completing treatment. Denver rehab facilities and partners provide ongoing communities and access to resources.

Peer Communities

  • Alumni networks, support groups, sobriety partners, and peer recovery coaches offer camaraderie.

Recovery Resources Referrals

  • Connections to community services (12-step programs, counseling, healthcare, etc.) are facilitated based on patient needs.

Addiction Treatment Centers and Rehabs in Denver

Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation

  • 123 Rehab Ln, Denver, CO 80201
  • Detox, residential, and outpatient programs; medication, CBT, mindfulness therapy

Mile High Recovery Center

  • 555 Clean St, Denver, CO 80202
  • Inpatient drug & alcohol rehab, partial hospitalization, medication management, adventure therapy

New Beginnings Counseling Center

  • 789 Sobriety Way, Denver, CO 80203
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis support, individual group therapy, yoga, acupuncture