Methadone Doctors in Denver

Methadone treatment is accessible in Denver to treat opioid use disorder. Denver Health provides comprehensive services including counseling, customized planning, dosing, testing, peer support, case management, and referral to other treatment levels as needed. The program also offers co-occurring mental health services and takes various insurance plans, including Medicaid, along with private payment.

Rules and Oversight

Table of guidelines: Denver methadone programs follow state and federal regulations, including from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Description of regulations: Programs must complete licensing and regulation through the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.


Testing: Patients undergo random drug screening per state and federal rules.

Dosing: Dosing is tailored through thoroughly evaluating medical history, use patterns, and mental health aspects.

Counseling: Patients get individual and group counseling to address addiction psychology and lower relapse chances. This couples with cognitive-behavioral therapy for craving and risk management.

Take-home availability: As patients progress, they can earn take-home medication instead of visiting the dosing clinic.

By following these regulations, Denver methadone programs offer a safe, effective opioid use disorder treatment option. The combined medication-assisted therapy and comprehensive support services aim to enable long-term recovery.

Denver Methadone Clinics

Denver methadone clinics provide comprehensive opioid use disorder treatment coupling medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and support services for lasting recovery.

Dispensing Methadone

Daily doses: Methadone is given daily, providing stable medication to prevent withdrawal and cravings.

Take-home doses: Progressing patients can earn take-home medication instead of clinic visits.

Assistance Offerings

Support groups: Patients can access peer support groups to share experiences and learn from others in recovery.
Individual counseling: Group counseling: Group counseling provides an understanding environment, building community and reducing isolation.
Customized planning: Doctors thoroughly assess patients to create tailored treatment plans.
Crisis intervention: Clinics offer crisis intervention and risk assessment.
Family therapy: Family therapy improves communication and trust, addressing contributing family dynamics.
Case management: Case managers assist patients in navigating problems, stressors, and staying engaged.
Education and skills training: Clinics provide learning opportunities to develop healthy coping abilities.
Dual diagnosis treatment: Treatment addresses co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders.
Medical services: Clinics give medical monitoring, counseling, and other healthcare services.
Recreational activities: Clinics may offer recreational and holistic therapies for well-rounded recovery.

By blending medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and support services, Denver methadone clinics supply a safe, effective opioid use disorder treatment solution, enabling lasting recovery and life quality improvements.

Working with Methadone Doctors in Denver

Denver methadone clinics provide specialized expertise and transformative treatment for opioid use disorder help-seekers.

Specialized Knowledge

  • Training: Denver methadone doctors and staff complete extensive training for premium care quality.
  • Best practices: Clinics follow evidence-based protocols and gold standard treatment practices.

Life-Changing Treatment

  • Relapse and overdose avoidance: Methadone therapy helps prevent relapse and overdose through stable medication supply to curb withdrawal and cravings.
  • Ongoing stability: Methadone treatment supports lasting stability through a safe, effective opioid use alternative.
  • Craving management: Methadone treatment assists patients in managing urges and maintaining opioid abstinence.

Location Information

Below are Denver methadone clinics:

  1. ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr, 1827 Gaylord St, 800-678-5931
  2. The Haven Day Treatment, 3630 W Princeton Circle
  3. Denver Health Substance Abuse Clinic, 667 Bannock St, 303-436-6000
  4. Denver Recovery Group, 1801 W 13th Ave
  5. Mile High Recovery Center, 1201 E Colfax Ave
  6. Denver Health Behavioral Health Services, 777 Bannock St, Unit 9
  7. Phoenix Concept, 2162 Lawrence St

By blending medication-assisted therapy, counseling, and support, Denver methadone clinics enable lasting recovery and improved wellness for opioid use disorder treatment-seekers.