Rehabilitation Facilities, Addiction Treatment Centers and Rehabs in Redwood City

Redwood City and surrounding San Mateo County offer several accredited and licensed inpatient rehabilitation facilities and addiction treatment centers. These provide comprehensive residential rehab programs for substance abuse and other addictions.

Name rehabsAddressPhone
Adolescent Counseling Services643 Bair Island Road Suite 402, Redwood City, California, 94063(650) 424-0852
Our Common Ground Inc26 Central Avenue, Redwood City, California, 94061(650) 367-9030
Service League of San Mateo County Hope House3789 Hoover Street, Redwood City, California, 94063(650) 363-8735

Inpatient Substance Use Treatment Process

Inpatient treatment follows a structured process to help clients achieve sobriety and recovery. This typically includes:


  • Confidential assessment to evaluate individual needs
  • Determines appropriate treatment level and personalized plan


  • Medically-supervised to safely manage withdrawal
  • Medication support options are available if required for patient comfort and safety


Starts during detoxification and continues through the treatment program.
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Educational groups and classes
  • Family therapy meetings
  • Recovery planning

Inpatient treatment centers in Redwood City and San Mateo County offer evidence-based therapeutic approaches, as well as holistic services like yoga, meditation, art therapy, and more to support the recovery process. Most accept major insurance plans. With personalized treatment rooted in compassion and dignity, local rehab facilities provide effective programs to help people overcome addiction challenges and resume healthier, happier lives.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Redwood City

Treatment Supports

Alcohol addiction treatment programs in the Redwood City and San Mateo areas utilize evidence-based approaches to help people achieve sobriety. Common support includes:

  • Behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and group or individual counseling can modify behaviors and thinking patterns.
  • Medication management uses FDA-approved medications like naltrexone, acamprosate, or disulfiram to reduce cravings and support sobriety.
  • Wellness education focuses on nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and coping skills to support a healthy lifestyle.


Participating in alcohol treatment can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Social support from peers and advisers to overcome isolation and build accountability.
  • Risk reduction of health issues, legal problems, accidents, and other consequences of excessive drinking.
  • Intensive treatment in inpatient or outpatient programs to start the recovery journey.

Care Post-Detox and Discharge Planning

Local treatment providers develop customized aftercare plans focused on continued recovery success, including:

  • Connecting clients with community resources and peer support groups after medical detox.
  • Discharge planning for continued mental health services, addiction counseling, medication management follow-up, job training referrals or educational support.
  • Tools, education and coaching for alumni to prevent relapses, recognize warning signs early, and ask for help when needed.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Redwood City

Customized Services

Drug addiction treatment centers in Redwood City and San Mateo County offer customized services to meet each client’s unique needs. Common therapies, medications, and skills building approaches include:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family therapy


  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone

Skills Building

  • Coping techniques
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Job training
  • Housing assistance

Treatment Setting

Many treatment facilities provide around-the-clock medical and psychiatric care. This includes:

  • 24/7 nursing supervision
  • Daily physician visits
  • Medication management
  • On-call psychiatrists

Post-Detox Transition Support

After completing detox, clients can transition to outpatient programs, sober living homes, and community support groups. This transitional help includes:

  • Day treatment programs
  • Weekly therapy appointments
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings
  • Sober living communities

Outpatient Rehab Programs in Redwood City

Day Treatment

Partial hospitalization programs in Redwood City and San Mateo provide intensive treatment during the day, typically from 9am to 3pm, allowing patients to return home in the evenings. These programs offer:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Coping skills development

Patients attend 3-5 days per week and receive 20+ hours of clinical services. Partial hospitalization helps transition from inpatient care or as an alternative to residential treatment.

Evening Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) provide 9+ hours of treatment per week, consisting of:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Family education
  • 12-step introduction

IOPs allow patients to apply new coping strategies at home while receiving ongoing professional support. Programs typically run Monday–Thursday from 6–9 p.m.

Aftercare & Continuing Support

Peer Communities

  • Attend support groups like AA and NA meetings for shared understanding.
  • Sober living homes provide structured, supportive housing alongside others in recovery.

Recovery Resources Referrals

Clinicians help refer patients to community resources like:

  • Ongoing counseling and therapy
  • Sober social activities
  • Job placement assistance

This helps sustain recovery goals post-treatment.

Top Rehabilitation Centers in Redwood City

Sequoia Wellness Center

Address: 1020 Marshal St, Redwood City, CA 94063
Treatment methods:
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Awakenings Rehabilitation Center

Address: 709 Price Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063
Treatment methods:
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy

Summit Estate Outpatient Center

Address: 855 Woodside Rd Suite 202, Redwood City, CA 94061
Treatment methods:
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Yoga and acupuncture