Surprise Methadone Clinics & Treatment Centers Locator Near Me in Surprise City

Rules and Regulations

Surprise, Maricopa, Arizona adheres to strict federal and state regulations regarding methadone clinics. These regulations aim to ensure safe and effective treatment while preventing misuse.

Certification Procedures

  • Clinics must be certified by SAMHSA and licensed by the state
  • Staff must meet educational and licensing requirements
  • Regular inspections ensure proper protocols and record-keeping

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • Improves patient survival and retention in treatment
  • Reduces illicit opioid use and criminal activity
  • Allows normalization of brain function
  • Supports employment and interpersonal relationships

How Clinics Operate and Their Purpose

Methadone clinics provide medication-assisted treatment to those with opioid use disorder. Clinics offer:

  • Methadone dosing under medical supervision
  • Ongoing counseling and behavioral therapies
  • Drug screening and case management
  • Referrals for health services

The goal is harm reduction and improved quality of life.

Insurance Coverage

Many clinics accept:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Private insurance

Uninsured individuals may qualify for state funding depending on income. Those without coverage explore based on financial need.

Drug Use in Surprise

  • In 2017, Arizona had a rate of 20.2 opioid overdose deaths per 100,000 persons, higher than the national rate of 14.6 deaths per 100,000.
  • An estimated 2% of Arizona residents over 12 years old misused opioids between 2015-2016.

Addiction Treatment Overview

Inpatient Treatment

  • Description: Medically managed detox and intensive counseling services provided in a residential facility.
  • Length of stay: Typically 30 days. Procedures and services include medical monitoring, group therapy, counseling, and aftercare planning.

Outpatient Treatment

  • Description: Periodic counseling sessions and group meetings at a clinic, without residential stay.
  • Frequency: Varies, typically 1-5 visits per week for several months.

Treatment Level Unreported

Many seeking treatment do not report treatment levels. Estimates suggest a significant unmet need for services.

Comparison of Treatment Options

Treatment Facilities1532
Inpatient Beds180430
Cost of Treatment$15,000/month$12,500/month

Methadone Treatment

What is Methadone

Methadone is a long-acting opioid agonist medication used to treat opioid use disorder and dependence. It is taken orally once daily and binds to opioid receptors in the brain, reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) involves providing methadone along with counseling and other services in a structured outpatient treatment program (OTP). The goal is to stabilize patients, reduce illicit opioid use, and improve quality of life.

Methadone Distribution

Methadone distribution is highly regulated to prevent misuse and diversion. Patients in MMT must undergo regular urine drug testing – at least 8 tests in the first year. Take-home methadone doses are restricted at first, with only a 1-day supply allowed in the first 2 weeks. After 90 days of compliance, take-homes can be increased to a 2-week supply. MMT programs should have an interdisciplinary team including counselors, nurses, and doctors monitoring treatment. Clinicians prescribing methadone must check the state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) to ensure safe dosing and prevent dangerous drug interactions.

In Surprise, Arizona, methadone is a Schedule II controlled substance, with illegal possession penalties similar to other opioids like oxycodone or heroin. The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy oversees methadone distribution through registered OTPs.

Methadone Treatment Effectiveness Research

Methadone maintenance treatment has been used to treat opioid addiction since 1947. Studies show methadone is an effective medication for treating opioid use disorder. Compared to no medication, methadone reduces illicit opioid use, HIV risk behaviors, and criminal activity. Patients on methadone have 33% fewer opioid-positive drug tests. They are also 4.44 times more likely to stay in treatment, which reduces overdose risk and infectious disease transmission while improving employment opportunities.

However, methadone does carry risks including potential for abuse, severe withdrawal if stopped suddenly, QTc prolongation, and respiratory depression if combined with other substances like benzodiazepines. Methadone-related overdoses can occur, especially during the first 2 weeks of treatment. Overall, methadone is equally effective as buprenorphine for reducing opioid use but requires careful monitoring and management to maximize benefits and minimize harm.

About Surprise

Surprise is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa County borders the states of California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.

Location, County & Neighboring States

  • Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Borders California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico

Capital and Largest City

Capital and largest city: Phoenix

Land Area

Total area: 75.3 square miles


Roads, highways, public transport, airports, hospitals, schools etc.

Population Statistics

Total Population

Population (2020 census): 151,481



  • Male: 49%
  • Female: 51%

Age Brackets

  • Under 18 years: 24.4%
  • 18 to 65 years: 51.6%
  • Over 65 years: 24%


  • Management/business/financial: 13.7%
  • Sales/office: 26.3%
  • Service: 18.6%
  • Construction/maintenance/repair: 11.3%
  • Production and transportation: 10.2%