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"Together we can make a difference"

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METHADONE "A life saving medication"

Maryland NAMA is the National Alliance of Methadone Advocates (NAMA) official chapter for the state of Maryland.

NAMA is a world wide organization dedicated to the betterment of treatment for all methadone patients.

Join us in the struggle!

NAMA's Goals

  • To eliminate discrimination toward methadone patients
  • To create a more positive image about methadone maintenance treatment
  • To help preserve patients' dignity and their rights
  • To make treatment available on demand to every person who needs it
  • To empower methadone patients with a strong public voice

Changing People's Views With Education and Advocacy NAMA will:

  • Speak publicly about the productive lives led by methadone patients
  • Establish contact with elected and appointed officials
  • Attend community meetings
  • Prepare and distribute educational material
  • Participate in media interviews
  • Create a unified voice to reach the public on all issues of concern to methadone patients

Working to reverse the negative image and low self-esteem of methadone patients, NAMA provides practical assistance in the everyday concerns of patients and treatment professionals.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

901L Swallow Crest Ct.
Edgewood, MD 21040
Phone: 410-538-8120

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
435 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10010
Phone/Fax: (212) 595-NAMA (6262)

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