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 Post subject: New York dissolves their Aftercare Program
PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:54 am 

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I have been in the Aftercare Program (New York) for about 10 years. "Aftercare" was created by the state. Many, *many* years ago it was a monthly pickup for stable patients. There were only a few Beth Israel clinics that had less then a handful still on the program. (This was not medical maintenance). Then about 10 or so years ago, Aftercare was started up again, but it was for a 2 week pick up. The way I understand it, clinics were given a certain amount of spots for the Aftercare program. These patients were not on the clinics census, had no counselors, no treatment plans.
*Joyce, if I got this wrong, please correct me.*

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I was told that the state has *dissolved* the Aftercare Program. I now get a counselor, had to do an updated psychosocial, have a treatment plan done and I am now on the clinics census. :( :( :(

I am now going to request a monthly pick up. To be continued....


 Post subject: Re: New York dissolves their Aftercare Program
PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:29 am 

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I don't get how this is bad? Everyone really should have a care plan anyway, and you also now get the opportunity to get monthly TH's instead of 2 weekly.

Even if you have to go to a regular clinic, you'll only have to go monthly/fortnightly, so it's not like you'll be there all the time? As you're stable, all the counselling visits should consist of a UA and him/her asking how's it going.

Whether you've been in treatment for 1 day or 10 years, I think you should have to see a counsellor for them to check how you are. They're dispensing strong medication, and it's a duty of care issue for them to check that their patients are OK from time to time.

Sapphire Matthews - MAR Patient Advocate

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 Post subject: Re: New York dissolves their Aftercare Program
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:12 pm 
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This seems silly to me... But maybe they're thinking since there is OBOT methadone available in NYC there is no need for the AfterCare program? NAMA President Joycelyn Woods (@The Director on here) is in After Care... I wonder if she knows about this yet?

I wish we could really enforce the "Nothing About Us, without us" motto and that a patient was involved in all these committees, panels, and groups making these decisions!

Zac Talbott, CMA
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 Post subject: Re: New York dissolves their Aftercare Program
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:29 pm 

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The Aftercare program was started in the 1970s and was primarily for Beth Israel staff -- and other program staff -- usually the RAs. It was located on Cooper Square (BI no longer in that building for over 25 years) and the only staff was a Supervisor and a Nurse. Special Projects was also located in the building - for MICAs and there were workout machines and a pool table etc to keep patients there all day. I remember some of the Aftercare patients wanted to workout in Special Projects but they were told Na - you guys go to the gym with everyone else.

Then as funding was cut they moved Aftercare into I believe it was 2 clinics - one upstate and one downstate (BI 3C). Then in 1984 when Dr. Nyswander was diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of private patients the idea of OBOT came up. So the first OBOT program was created. Both Aftercare and OBOT lasted together alongside each other.

The Aftercare program was contracted by the state with BI and so it went for another 20 years. Then in 2004 when the regulations changed they started moving Aftercare patients to 1x a month. For some reason Stephanie's stupid program interpreted Aftercare as 2x a month and evidently never moved a single patient to 1x a month - never once thought to ask their manager or the SOTA. It's easier to work in an OTP if you are stupid and don't have to do anything (for the patients).

This is what gets me. The Aftercare was dissolved last December and I can't tell you how many times I spoke with Belinda and she never said a word. I could give her an out and think that she did not know but I doubt that because I am sure I spoke with her.

They are harassing Stephanie because they waited until the last minute and then demanded she come in and do a psycho-social - because one has not been done it years. Realize that the supervisor of the program is responsible for making notes in the records of Aftercare patients so they are not void of notes. But you don't meet with a counselor every month. Even before Aftercare I never met with a counselor - maybe when I came in I would be handed a treatment plan that said "Patient continues to progress and set goals." Maybe they would add is working or attending school or whatever. They would Xerox it over and over. But now with Fee For Service they want to spend 15 minutes with you. And a nurse is also assigned to you so you have to see them - for what I don't know. What are they going to do take my blood pressure - it's normal.

Wednesday I was introduced to my new counselor - he looked like a deer caught in headlights. He looked stupid too.

But as I recall long term stable patients are only suppose to have to do a treatment plan every 6 months. And basically it should be the same thing over and over and all you have to do is sign it. As long as the nurse doesn't come after me.

If the state dissolved Aftercare then they have to make accomidations for the patients that were on it. And as far as I am concerned Stephanie was harassed - told at the last minute and made to come back 2 days later. I was just told and introduced to my "new" counselor and left like I usually do.

This I blame on the state. They have allowed an OBOT program to close without a peep. No one knew about it closing. And CSAT was pissed about it. But realize that at CSAT we are losing (same thing that happened with OASAS) the people that will put up a fight for us.

I am hoping to find some Aftercare patients that are being harangued like Stephanie and will complain to the state. There are 40,000 methadone patients in NYS and maybe 1000 eligible for Aftercare. They should be worried about the new patients coming in that need services not long term stable patients that have followed the rules for years and years - most are retired and many are disabled or partially disabled and know how to take care of themselves.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that I get an annual physical at the clinic because I trust the PA Carl - I've known him for years. He's better than any doctor I could go to and if something shows up he will tell me and then I will go to a specialist.

So if anyone from NY just got the wonderful announcement about Aftercare please let Stephanie or me know - so we can plan a strategy. :evil:

Joycelyn Woods
Executive Director, NAMA Recovery
Project Director MARS Project
Together we are making a difference.

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