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 Post subject: Help and advise needed!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:29 pm 

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Hello all, I posted this in the general forum but no help so far, so I thought I'd repost here.
I'm a new guy from Maryland and I think the director / my counselor is breaking state law and I could really use some help with this matter!
First, a little background:
Back in 2007, I injured my spine without full recovery and the only thing any of my doctors would do was load me up with opiate pain meds and various muscle relaxers etc... without trying to fix the problem. Well as anyone can guess, without intention, I ended up getting addicted to both Oxy and Hydrocodone. Finally, in 2011, I got sick of my life being ruled by those little white devil pills, so I started on an outpatient methadone treatment program and I have been pain pill free since the day before my first dose. FIVE years clean!!! :) I have been 100% compliant with the clinic, I have an excellent support system at home, I made amends with all of my family that I effected with my addiction, I've been proactive in my recovery by attending group religiously every week, I built a great rapport with the staff and nurses, I met with my counselor's on a regular basis (I had three different counselors since then. All of whom were let go for reasons undisclosed) I had all clean drug screens and I even earned my max of six take homes. Everything was going great up until August of last year when I got popped for an alcohol positive urine which shocked me to no end as I hadn't had a drop of anything alcoholic in about 7 years at that point. So they revoked my take homes and I had to fight to get my urine retested which came out being too much glucose in my urine and Not from drinking. That urine test actually turned out be a blessing in disguise as I found out I am type 2 diabetic! Luckily, I got my take homes back two days later and I went from having a blood sugar over 200 down to 128 in 11 months which I think is great. Things were again going well and I even started a slow taper down as I am ready to be off of the methadone. Well a couple weeks ago, my new counselor / clinic director (More like Dictator) threatened me with a take home suspension because I brought breakfast and an unsweet tea with me like I had done for the past couple of years to eat before group. She berated me in front of other patients saying "I was being none compliant by bringing breakfast and that she didn't believe I had unsweet tea in my cup" and that "I"m only allowed to drink water during group or I would lose my take homes"! Fast forward to this past Thursday, she took my take homes because I was still having some glucose spill over in my urine. She accused me of "Not taking care of my diabetes fast enough"! Which is bull$h1* because I've been doing nothing but managing it. I tried telling her that my blood sugar was down from 200 to 130, my 3 month follow up blood tests showed that my A1C was down by over 50% but she told me she didn't believe me (Even though I have medical proof) and that "I am being none compliant with the methadone program and that I need to do better" and that she took my take homes to "Light a fire under my ass to cure my diabetes"! So my question is, is it even legal for a counselor who is not even a real doctor to pull my take homes because she thinks "I'm not taking care of and curing my diabetes fast enough"? Since the clinic dictator had become my counselor, and even before, she has always had it out for me for some reason. She literally yelled me one morning for parking where she wanted to park when the clinic is in a leased strip mall location, not owned and the parking lot is for public use with no assigned spots. She tried pulling me out of line one morning because "she didn't like the way I looked" and tried accusing me of being drunk! And she yelled at me for watching tv in the group room while my group mates and I were waiting for group to start. And now she is trying to block me from guest dosing and transferring to a new clinic which is only 10 minutes away from me instead of over an hour one way. And because I got pissed off at her, and told her to F-off after she stole my take homes from me, she reported me as having "Anger and Abuse Issues" to my insurance. And she won't tell me how long my takes are suspended for!
Please help me with advise on what I can do. I know that she is doing is wrong. She has had many complaints against her but she's still in power over the clinic which I don't understand.

Thanks in advance,

 Post subject: Re: Help and advise needed!!!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:53 am 

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This has been replied to in the Main Forum area.

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