By joining iGive and shopping for NAMA-R you are getting great merchandise, it is easier to shop and of course the karma you get can't be discounted either.

Here are some ideas for shopping at iGive:


  1. Buy your home office supplies at Staples or Office Depot.

  2. If there is anything you purchase on the internet such as music or books switch to the iGive mall.

  3. Or if you have to purchase a gift for family or friends that do not live near you it is easy to purchase it at iGive and have it shipped to them. Their are also several florists in the mall.

And their is an advantage to switching to iGive other than helping NAMA-R and great karma.


Each month iGive has Special Bargains.

And now iGive makes your shopping easier with their new Shopping Window.


Never miss out on a potential donation because you didn’t know a store belonged to the iGive Mall (there are over 400, and more join every week)-- the Shopping Window takes care of that for you! When you type the name of an iGive store (for example: “”) into your browser and then shop, your purchase will automatically count for a donation!

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